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Monday, April 10, 2006

Not a fan of Golf but Golf Marketing Stories? Do tell!

Not a fan of Golf, but golf marketing stories? Do tell.

S returned from a weekend trip to Vegas on work [huh?]. Golf usually interests me as much as underwater worms do, though I wouldn’t mind the TV turned to a game of golf on lazy Sunday afternoons. Excited golf stories don’t enthrall me, I admit. But interesting golf stories do. A slightly senior person went about the golf course that S played at, inviting donations to this-and-that charity [S admits it was a worthy cause, but will remember not what it was]. A quick donation dollar amount later, he received a couple of gift vouchers for ‘1 FREE* Golf club..really!!” which he tossed into bag at end game. Curiosity or free golf club offer, I know not which, prompted us to check out the site listed on the coupon. Only to be pleasantly surprised by a link exclusively to those who got the gift voucher [“Curious about the Free Club offer. We are serious” link takes us to a simple webpage explaining it all]. While it didn’t prompt S to immediately dial the 1-800 number, its still a good offline-online integration story to tell.