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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Superbowl blows

The Superbowl blows by

The Superbowl happened over the weekend. I watch it only for the ads, and because I don’t have a 44 inch TV or am remotely interested in the sport, I preferred to watch the previews and post-game links to the ads on Yahoo on Monday. This is the ad-festival, in a way, for marketers. Agencies strut their stuff, while they have a captured audience of millions. While I shopped at a near-empty Trader Joe’s, the funny, silly, pointless and witty ads were to play on the television.

Search engine marketing ranked fairly low for most of these marketers. A scorecard to evaluate online integration to the super bowl ads can be found here. And [heh] a cynical report on the whole Superbowl ad scene is here. My own favorites among the Superbowl ads were Burger King, Disney and Ameriquest.

Speaking of search marketing, an interesting webclip came up on my gmail inbox today. The ad copy reads thus:

Coffee Exposed - - A shocking secret coffee co's don't want you to know.

Clicking on the link takes the visitor to a webpage that describes how coffee gets stale and other info about the importance of freshly ground coffee. The simple website contains a sidebar with links to their range of coffees. One of the relevant, yet attractive ad copies I’ve seen!

An interesting new service, Riya, promises face recognition to sort the thousands of photos sitting on the desktop. It seems to be a huge hit at the DEMO show this week. The beta version would be out soon, and I’ve signed up for it. Cant wait to see what its all about!

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