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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Job Opportunity with Your Daily Weather?

Marketing Vox reports that S.F. Chronicle launched a 30 minute TV program called Chronicle Jobs TV at 5:30 AM monday-wednesday.

The mediadailynews source points to this step by the newspaper as a move to compete with online classifieds sites like craigslist. Since I am up at that hour anyway, will watch out for the UPN channel it airs on.

Interestingly, the last time i watched TV news channels display jobs classifieds [read out by a newsreader or otherwise] was in India sometime during the 80s [it involved a very serious host reading out the job availabilities, i believe region-wise first, then category-wise]. I dont watch much TV these days anyway, so am not sure how popular this initiative is amongst existing newspapers.

However, an interesting transition I've seen on TV in India [while on my recent trip there] was that NDTV [New Delhi Television Network] displays job descriptions, opportunities and availability in companies as a continous running banner at the bottom of the screen during certain news telecasts. I dont believe they actually tied up with any newspaper exclusively for this, preferring to directly contact companies for these listings.

Here is a wild thought--how about an S.F.Chronicle tie-up with the local news channel, lets run their classifieds for as long as the news is telecast? [I do note however, the intrusiveness of this way of broadcasting news. The Indian audience is probably a wee bit more tolerant towards oversized banners at bottom of the screen]

Setting my alarm for 5:30 AM,


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